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News, Updates

New website for DIADEM®

» 29.06.2015 «

DIADEM®, a global system provider of green roof systems and roof safety solutions (, announced today that it has officially launched its new website. "The previous website went live on 7 December, 2009 so it is time to refresh our presence in the cyberspace" said Gabor Varga, President and founder of the company.

"The primary goal is to satisfy our visitors need, and offer an easy platform for smartphones, tablets, and desktop monitors at the same time. We have been in business for over 20 years by listening to our customers and building one-to-one relationships," Gabor commented and followed with "We recognize that our clients are mainly professionals, with less need for noisy features such as social media plug-ins, but they would like to navigate here efficiently."

A special "Gabor's Pick" feature of the front page is the tile structure for submodule and microsites selection, which is very attractive. We'll be able to form our opening site based on the seasonal needs and the message that we want to tell our visitors.

"This world-class website does not in any way replace the direct, responsive, customer service that we have been known for throughout the industry for over two decades. We are very proud of the new website and we hope it provides a useful, informative portal for our customers to get to know DIADEM® products just a little better!" Gabor said.

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