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Lakeside Center in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

» 05.05. 2014 «

You haven't seen New York until you have seen it from the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and the Prospect Park.

Lakeside is the largest and most ambitious project in Prospect Park since the Park’s completion nearly 150 years ago, and part of the Prospect Park Alliance’s commitment to making a great park greater.
Since 1987, the Prospect Park Alliance has been working to restore the Park’s historic landscape and renovate its landmark structures. Part of the project is the Lakeside Center with a green roof on the top. This green roof has a unique design in which water collecting on the paved area flows under the green roof through the underside of the Diadem’s DE-60 drainage layer. Water flowing through the green roof flows on top of the sheet. Flow capacity above and below the sheet and compressive strength were the two design factors at Roofmeadow. Water entering the slot drain (rimming the pavement) can only discharge by flowing under the DE-60 drainage layer.
This project is a good example that a good product with excellent performance characteristics, extended with reliable engineering services, can ease the design and the installation process and create a successful green roof.

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