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Emporia’s roofgarden in Sweden with DIADEM® greenroof system

» 30.10.2012 «
Emporia’s greenroof is among the largest ones in the world with DIADEM® system. The newly opened shopping center Emporia, in Malmö, Sweden with its 27,000 square meters is one of the largest living roofs in the world, each part of it is dedicated work for ecology and environment protection. Emporia will be the first shopping center in Sweden that is certified under BREEAM, a leading method for environmental certification of sustainable construction.

The architect Gert Wingårdh has designed a lush landscape where ventilation equipment and other technology are hidden in artificial hills, creating an undulating roofpark with over 50 different species. The roof area is designed to create biodiversity, therefore it is built with different types of green space with sedum, perennials, grasses and trees. The roof consists of a total of over 30 000 plants. This makes it very special and quite different from the classic green roofs. Torgny Henriksson, Sales Manager at Bygross – key distributor of DIADEM® greenroof systems – is proud to have delivered systems and vegetation to the roofpark. For more information contact
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