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What is Diasafe Online (DO)?
DiaSafe Online is a database tool used to track and schedule maintenance for projects with safety roof features installed by DiaSafe certified contractors.

Where can I find DO?

What is the benefit of using DO?
The Safety Regulations in the European Union state that every Life Safety related device and structure should be inspected annually. The DO platform helps the contractor to follow the laws.

How can I log in into my account or register on the system?
Anyone who applies to be a DiaSafe professional and passes the exam gets an account to access  the database.
If the user did not register with an email address during training, it is always possible to create an account based on a certification number.

How do I upload new projects?
Once the certification number is obtained, select the Registration or Group Registration option. (If the project includes multiple roofs, then select Group Registration) Then all project fields should be filled out including installation date and time, address, client, owner, facility manager.

Construction Documents should be uploaded that include all drawing details, images, and roof plans.

After successful handover the system receives a permission, which expires in one year. All the principle parties; contractor, manufacturer, owner, and facility manager are informed about this issue.

How does the follow up function of the system work?
First, an email notice will be sent out two months before the system permission expires, and it will be resent a month later.

Does the system save completed inspection records?
The main purpose of the system is to follow up on mandatory inspection periods. Once the project is selected, the Control button will forward you to the window where the date and related documents were previously entered.