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    Our vision is a city filled with gardens. We firmly believe that good intentions are not good enough, but must be followed by good deeds if we are to have a greener, friendlier and healthier environment. Our DIADEM® greenroof systems, products and services are carefully designed to bring a little bit of nature into our increasingly urban lifestyles.

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    There is no need to have your own greenroof department, DIADEM® ‘s experts assist you with planning, architects and technical drawings and specifications whether it is a sloping roof, flat roof or a green, living terrace.

  • Green Roof Systems

    With the use of our complete greenroof systems you can ensure that the living roof will serve its owners for long years to come: it will protect the roof structure and our nature and will effectively help to reduce the energy costs of the building. The systems are: DIADEM® 150 extensive greenroof, DIADEM® 350 semi intensive greenroof, DIADEM® 750 intensive greenroof and DIADEM® 1200 intensive greenroof.

  • Products

    The DIADEM® product offering extends further than green roofs. We offer varied and practical solutions for hydro technology, rainwater management, edging, terrace building, safety technology, work safety at height. (DIADEM® additional product ranges include: inspection boxes, irrigation systems, terrace channels and grills, doorstep grills, balcony outlet, gravel boards, lightweight edging pieces, concrete edging, curbs, cross spacers, terrace pedestals, plant containers, flower pots, concrete slabs, railing and fall arrest systems)

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    DIADEM® greenroofs are available from 3 own companies of the producer: one in Germany, one in Hungary and one in the USA. In most other countries in Europe and worldwide trained DIADEM® distributor companies are at your service. Simply select the required continent on the map and scroll down the list on the left to find your nearest distributor.

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    The general layer structure of a DIADEM® greenroof include: VLT separation layer; FLW root protection layer; VLU protection layer; DiaDrain drainage and reservoir boards; VLF filter layer; SEM / SIM growing media; plants (typical build-up).